Why ImperialHal Keeps Playing Apex Legends Despite the Boredom

TSM’s ace player, Philip’  ImperialHal’ Dosen, has spilled the beans on why he’s sticking to Apex Legends, even though he often finds the game “boring.”

In recent seasons, both casual and professional players of Apex Legends have voiced their concerns about the game becoming a bit stale due to the lack of refreshing updates from Respawn Entertainment.

ImperialHal, the ALGS champion, has been a prominent voice in this chorus, urging the developers to shake things up. He has even suggested taking a page from Fortnite’s book and introducing Cash Cup-like events to invigorate Ranked play and competitive viewership.

Expressing concerns about the overall state of the battle royale, he stated that if significant seasonal updates aren’t on the horizon, the game might struggle to endure.

Despite finding the game somewhat monotonous these days, ImperialHal continues to pour hours into Apex Legends during the off-season for the ALGS.

“I feel like the game, outside of competitive play, is just dull for me. When I look at the playlist—pubs, controls, ranked, firing range—it’s all like the same thing to me, and everything is redundant,” said Hal.

He emphasized that what keeps him engaged is the competitive aspect—playing scrims and tournaments. Playing ranked has lost its allure for him compared to seasons ago, making it challenging to endure long sessions.

The two-time ALGS MVP mentioned that changing things up and playing other games on stream wouldn’t solve the issue. He remains committed to his team, recognizing his responsibility beyond personal enjoyment.

While ImperialHal finds Apex Legends “boring” at times, his dedication to the competitive side of the game keeps him going, demonstrating his commitment to his team and the sport he excels in.



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