These Are The Top 7 Funniest Animal TikTok Encounters We Found In 2023

Everyone knows that animals can be unpredicatable. On the one hand they can be cute and adorable – within the next moment they are attacking the person who feeds them every day. Of course, animals mean no harm by the way they react, sometimes they’re playing, where as other times their brain is overcome by a predator-prey reaction.

Regardless, they always know how to create a funny moment. Thankfully in modern day, we have the ability to record these moments on camera so they’re never lost. Anything from the downright stupid to a meticulously set up scene can leave us with a big smile on our faces.

We shall look at some of the funniest moments animals have had to offer us so far this year on TikTok.

#1 – Very Close Shark Attack

When we first saw this video, we couldn’t believe it.

The fisherman in the clip had way too much confidence and didn’t quite calculate the distance between him and the sharks mouth quite correctly. However, on the other hand, you could claim that he was a master of his trade and tricked us all, since the shark missed what it was after by a matter of centimeters and got nothing for its daring lunge.

Either way, nobody expected the shark to strike and the fisherman came away with no injuries. This could have gone disastrously wrong if the shark had even been 1 or 2 inches closer. But as it didn’t, it is definitely one of the funniest animal TikTok’s we’ve seen this year.

#2 – Golden Retriever Is A Lot Smarter Than You Think

On first inspection, you may not think that this dog is the sharpest tool in the box, but you would be mistaken. When offered a burnt waffle or a nicely cooked waffle, the dog seems to choose the burnt part, which makes viewers wonder why?

However, out of shot is a small pig. The dog takes the burnt waffle to the pig who seems more than happy to be given some food. The golden retriever pushes the head of the pig down, which then gladly accepts and darts underneath and armchair in order to enjoy his burnt waffle. To the winner, go the spoils, as the golden retriever is left with a nicely cooked waffle to eat by himself.

#3 – Horse Mesmerized By Man In Horse Mask

This TikTok is all about the look on the face of the horse. In terms of facial expressions, horses really aren’t that funny compared to other animals. Their faces are fairly static and cannot move too much when compared to the likes of a cat or a dog.

However, this horse more than makes up for it by the absolutely stunned look within its eyes. It’s almost as if the horse has been told the secrets of the universe and has been unable to comprehend what it has been told. Of course, all that has happened is the horse has been thoroughly confused by a man wearing a horses head performing movements beyond it’s own physical capability.

#4 – Angry Cats

It’s quite strange how much a pair of cats respect the lid of a garbage can. You would think that this was an official wrestling match between the two felines, who are very angry and hissing at one another, before completely stopping when the divider is placed between them.

#5 – Lucky Catterpillar

3 Pacman frogs against a single catterpillar, what will happen next? Well the video is actually quite surprising as not one of them manages to actually eat it.

The closest brown frog seems to struggle to get close to the catterpillar, despite being much larger and faster than the small bug. On the other side of the table is the green pacman frog. This frog becomes so excited by the prospect of eating a catterpillar, it literally gets its own tongue stuck to the table and almost flips itself upside down.

Making the clip even more bizarre is the middle frog, which seems very uninterested and is simply chilling with not a care in the world.

#6 – Dog In Deep Sleep

In terms of slapstick animal TikToks, this is number one. There really isn’t too much to explain in terms of what’s going on in this video. The dog is in a deep sleep and has a tongue which is a lot longer than you would expect. Some users commented that the tongue is a similar length the the bubblegum tape which kids chewed in the 90’s – and this isn’t too far from the truth.

#7 – Zen Capybara

Capybara’s are known for being zen like animals and generally don’t care about what others do. They are not afraid of alligators and do not care if you want to balance an apple or orange on their head.

This TikTok takes things one step further with a capybara caught in a torrential downpour. Rather stoicly, the capybara just sits in its pool and doesn’t care at all about the rain. In fact, it is so chilled out, it barely notices the cameraman walk towards it.

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