Myth Stuns Fans with Perfect xQc Impression

YouTube sensation and former Fortnite star Myth left fans awestruck with his incredibly accurate impersonation of fellow streamer xQc while hanging out at a cafe.

Myth rose to prominence in the competitive Fortnite and content creator scenes, showcasing his skills in the game with remarkable feats like executing flawless 90s and landing devastating 200-pump shots.

However, he transitioned away from TSM, a major Esports team, and shifted his focus to streaming a variety of games, emphasizing his passion for shooting games.

In a recent IRL stream alongside friends, Myth showcased his hidden talent for impersonations, leaving viewers astonished.

Seated at a cafe, Myth flawlessly channeled xQc’s unique accent and manner of speech, prompting an outpouring of amazement from his audience. They couldn’t believe how close his impression sounded to the real deal.

“Nice man, where are you from? What do you do?” Myth swiftly spoke, perfectly mirroring xQc’s Quebecois accent. The cafe was abuzz with excitement as even the people around him were left in awe of the spot-on impression. “That’s xQc,” exclaimed Brittt, emphasizing the accuracy of the mimicry.

Myth continued to entertain his fans by pretending to engage with his friend in the style of xQc, effortlessly portraying the streamer’s personality. Fans couldn’t help but be amazed at the uncanny resemblance in his imitation.

While Myth has faced some criticism for frequently employing this particular skill, fans remain captivated by the brilliance of his impressions. They acknowledged that while some view it as his signature move, it undeniably leaves a lasting impression each time.

Having unveiled this talent back in 2019, Myth has had ample time to refine and perfect his xQc impersonation, ensuring it consistently impresses his audience.

Myth’s remarkable impersonation skills, especially his spot-on xQc imitation, continue to wow fans, showcasing his versatility and entertainment value in the world of streaming.



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