This Vancouver-Based Makeup Artist Is Creating Looks Inspired By Optical Illusion

Makeup videos are so popular online, but nothing may come close to what this Vancouver-based makeup artist creates. She tricks your eye and changes your perspective on things with her optical illusion-inspired makeup looks. 

Mimi Choi is not your ordinary makeup artist. From horrifying looks, to those that are a bit confusing, to those truly fascinating, she has created some of the most captivating pieces that will drive you nuts. 

She takes inspiration from textures and patterns from the world around her, as well as photoshopped digital art and surreal paintings from illusionary masters like Spanish artist Salvador Dali and Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher

Her looks are mostly focusing on the face, but she has done some great art too on other body parts. 

For instance, she created this look, which has fingers seemingly pulling the skin under the eyes.

Then, she also has this look which seemingly has the head of the person halved. 

Another look Choi created has some sunflowers growing on the face.

Then, there’s a face stuffed with a burger (a Big Mac, maybe?), among many other looks.

Her official Instagram account, where she posts her creations, now has two million followers. 

The netizens are also loving her pieces. Valek Fermiga commented, “I’m genuinely speechless, that looks staggeringly brilliant.”

“I would love to recreate this and scare someone,” said another, referring to one of her creations featuring a face within a face. 

What do you think? Did her works impress you or not?

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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