Smack Talk Escalates: Dillon Danis Mocks Logan Paul’s Fiancée, Fans Await Misfits Prime Showdown!

As the highly anticipated Misfits Prime Card event approaches, the heat between MMA fighter Dillon Danis and internet sensation Logan Paul continues to rise. Their ongoing online battle has the internet buzzing, and Dillon is leaving no stone unturned in hurling insults and barbs at Logan Paul, especially directed at his fiancée, Nina Agdal. Recently, Dillon took the offensive to another level by posting a video featuring Nina Agdal with all her previous partners, creating a song to amplify the jest.

In the lead-up to their upcoming match, Logan Paul and Dillon Danis have become the talk of the town, with their pre-match banter and verbal sparring keeping everyone on the edge of their seats. Dillon has made it a daily ritual to target Logan or his fiancée, Nina, with disparaging posts on his official X account. The intensity of these insults is escalating with each passing day, capturing the attention of well-known streamers and internet personalities who are joining the fray.

Dillon Danis, unrelenting in his attempts to rattle Logan Paul, alleged that Logan has been attempting to back out of the fight to salvage his public image. The recent attack by Dillon has evidently hit a nerve, as the MMA fighter pulled out all the stops, releasing a video featuring Nina Agdal alongside all her ex-partners.

This video was accompanied by a song, with the main chorus playfully taunting, “Oh Logan doesn’t know! Don’t tell Logan, Logan doesn’t know!!” The post was a satirical jab at both Logan and his fiancée, Nina Agdal. Adding to the intrigue, reports have surfaced that Nina Agdal will also be present at the Misfits Prime Fight, further fueling excitement among the fans for this upcoming event.



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