KSI’s Pre-Fight Physique Draws Laughter from Fans – The Banter Continues!

The build-up to the October Misfits Prime Card event has set the internet abuzz with speculation and banter, especially around the ongoing feud between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis. Amidst this drama, the spotlight is firmly on the highly anticipated match between KSI and Tommy Fury. Recently, KSI, in preparation for the bout, shared a pre-match physique picture on his official Instagram, inadvertently inviting a wave of playful mockery from fans.

The world of internet personalities is no stranger to the relentless trolling by online jesters. From N3ON to Sneako, no one seems to escape unscathed. The announcement of the Misfits Prime Card Fight further fueled this online banter. KSI, a well-known figure, has often found himself in the limelight, notably for his recent clash with IShowSpeed during the Sidemen Charity Match.

This time, however, the trolls turned their attention to KSI as he attempted to showcase his rigorous preparations for the upcoming fight on Instagram. KSI, known for his flamboyant and spirited personality, has a dedicated fan base. Yet, as is often the case, some fans couldn’t resist a good-natured jab.

The pre-match physique image shared by KSI received significant attention, albeit not the type of praise he might have anticipated. Internet trolls seized the moment to unleash their playful jibes, with comments suggesting KSI might still face a tough battle despite his evident dedication to training.


The comments were playful yet quite relentless, reflecting the spirited nature of banter that often permeates the online community. As the Misfits Prime Card event looms nearer, the excitement for the Dillon Danis vs. Logan Paul, as well as the KSI vs. Tommy Fury fights, continues to soar, promising an exhilarating boxing spectacle for fans worldwide.



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