Twitch Star STPeach Delights Fans with Pregnancy Announcement Amidst Online Backlash

Beloved Twitch streamer STPeach, known for her captivating gaming streams and distinctive cosplays, has announced her joyous pregnancy with husband Jay Chae. The exciting news has brought immense joy to her legion of fans, although, unfortunately, it also attracted negative attention from a subset of disgruntled individuals.

Lisa Vannatta, popularly known as ‘STPeach’ on Twitch, has built a massive following of over 1.2 million fans on the platform. Recognized for her engaging gaming streams and cosplays, STPeach has faced challenges in the past, including account bans due to her choice of cosplay outfits.

In a significant decision earlier this year, STPeach opted to step away from creating content for platforms often labeled as “lewd,” such as OnlyFans. She shared that this move positively impacted her mental health, happiness, and relationships with her family, friends, and spirituality.

Recently, in an emotionally charged Twitch stream, STPeach shared her pregnancy announcement with her audience, apologizing for her recent absence from the platform. With a cleverly designed overlay, she unveiled the exciting news, revealing that she and Jay Chae are expecting their first child in April 2024. The ultrasound images held up by Chae added a heartwarming touch to the revelation, making it a memorable moment for her fans.

While the majority of fans flooded social media with congratulatory messages and good wishes for the expectant couple, the news also unfortunately attracted negative comments from a group referred to as “pissed-off incels.” These detractors showcased a lack of empathy and respect, underscoring the need for a more understanding and compassionate online community.

Amidst both the joyous support and disappointing backlash, STPeach remains focused on the exciting journey of impending motherhood, eagerly awaiting the revelation of the baby’s gender.



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