Logan Paul Confesses His Brother Jake Is ‘Worried’ About Attending His Fight Vs. Danis

The Paul brothers, Logan and Jake, who are also successful Internet stars, have created quite a name for themselves in the field of professional boxing. Their social media prowess and outspoken personalities have turned them into formidable characters in the world of combat sports as well. 

However, Logan Paul, recently revealed that Jake Paul, his younger brother, is “worried” about attending and watching his upcoming bout with Dillon Danis.

When asked whether Jake will be there during the fight, Logan said, “Yeah, we’re working on it.”

This revelation has aroused intrigue and discussion among fans.   

Logan further explained that one of the main reasons his brother is hesitant to attend the fight is that he is worried about the “hostile environment.”

The United Kingdom, where the match is happening, has a devoted fan base for combat sports, especially for the country’s native fighters. 

Danis, though not British, is expected to gain massive support from British fans because of his involvement in prestigious tournaments and his affiliations with mixed martial arts superstar Conor McGregor

Meanwhile, Jake is on the other end of the line. He has been involved with verbal clashes with KSI, McGregor, Dana White, Tyson Fury, and even Floyd Mayweather. This can make him hostile for Britain’s avid fans.

Logan is a social media star who is also currently signed to WWE, where he performs on a part-time basis. Like Logan, his brother Jake is also an Internet celebrity, but unlike Logan who is into wrestling, he is into boxing. Jake’s content on surprise tattoos, eating dog food, and more have attracted millions of fans. 

The Logan Paul versus Dillon Danis event is a six-round cruiserweight clash happening this October 14th at the Manchester Arena.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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