Here’s Another McDonald’s Ice Cream Hack That’s Driving The Internet Crazy

McDonald’s vanilla ice cream on a cone is such a classic, still delicious, but you might agree with us that eating it as itself can be a little boring. 

This is when McDonald’s ice cream hacks add something new to your taste. These hacks are modified versions of the ice cream where other ingredients like cookies are added. 

There have been several McDonald’s ice cream hacks around, but this one has to be among the most talked-about.

TikToker @myjanebrain shared a clip of a modification she and her friend did to regular McDonald’s ice creams while inside a car, and the result is just unbelievably fantastic. 

First, they turned six cones with McDonald’s ice creams upside down and pressed them down the plastic container. They took out the paper wrapped around the cone before using plastic spoons to crush the cones and the ice creams. 

“This is so much better than it dripping all over your lap,” one of them said in the video.

Then, they poured caramel and chocolate sundae syrups over the crushed ice creams and cones. Afterward, they placed some warm chocolate chip cookies on top and again crushed the cookies with the mixture. Then, they added another set of cookies, and crushed them again using plastic spoons. 

They also placed a pair of apple pies, crushed, and mixed them together with the previous ingredients. To cap it all off, they also showered the mixture with sprinkles. 

Now, it’s time for the taste test. They tried their creation by dipping some McDonald’s fries into the new ice cream mix, just like sauce. 

The video has earned tens of thousands of comments when it was posted on Facebook by The Pun Guys.

Bruce W. Coburn tagged his friend and told her, “We should do this one day.”

“Mmm. That is the perfect combination is sweet and salty,” said @myjanebrain after tasting the new ice cream mix.


The McDonald’s ice cream hack that’s breaking the internet 😮

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Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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