Dynamic Duo from The Mob, Classify and Avalanche Embark on a New Gaming Adventure with Full Squad Gaming

Two familiar faces from the gaming world, Classify and Avalanche, once part of the renowned 100 Thieves’ group “The Mob,” have teamed up and found a new home at Full Squad Gaming, generating excitement among their fans.

In the gaming realm, 100 Thieves made a noteworthy move back in 2019 by establishing “The Mob,” a unique subset within the organization. Comprising members Classify, Avalanche, Mako, and Froste, the group brought a distinct flavor to the gaming community. However, in 2021, the group disbanded, and each member ventured into independent pursuits.

Now, Classify and Avalanche have taken a significant step in their gaming journey by announcing their association with Full Squad Gaming. This announcement was made via a tweet by Full Squad Gaming, warmly welcoming them and promising their fans daily content and more engaging video uploads.

In a video shared by Full Squad Gaming, Classify and Avalanche enthusiastically revealed their return to Los Angeles, emphasizing their dedication to creating regular and exciting content for their audience. The clip showcased their journey, starting with a look back at their past work and culminating in their arrival at the Full Squad Gaming mansion.

Both Avalanche and Classify shared their excitement on their personal Twitter accounts, posting pictures from a recent photoshoot they had with their new organization. Their loyal fanbase showered them with congratulations and expressions of anticipation for the future.

The gaming community is abuzz with anticipation as Classify and Avalanche, with their proven track record and creativity, join the Full Squad Gaming roster. Fans eagerly await the exciting content and collaborations that will undoubtedly ensue from this collaboration.



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