Instagrammer Makes A Car Out Of LEGOs And It’s Actually Moving

LEGOs are such classic toys that you may remember playing with as a kid. But here’s what happens when these interlocking plastic bricks are assembled together to form something closer to real-life.

LEGO car

This Instagrammer, who goes by the name @brickscale on Instagram, has created a car using LEGO pieces – and the car is actually moving. 

You can see how he made the car in this video shared on Facebook. 

“This LEGO car will have functional parts just like a real car, including functioning electronics,” said British digital publisher LADbible which featured his creation. 

Most parts of the car, even those you wouldn’t think to be possible, are made of LEGOs, such as the seatbelts, door handles, and doors, which have retractable parts to allow them to open. 

The other complicated mechanisms are also included, such as the mechanism that allows the headlights to follow the steering wheel. 

Both interiors and exteriors are mostly made of LEGO, but non-LEGO parts are also used to make the car functional. 

Praises from netizens

Of course, social media netizens are praising this stupendous creation. 

“Totally amazing and unbelievable and magnificent work. WOW. (emojis),” commented Virginia Catruch on Facebook. 

Netizen Erez Zoashnin is also amazed with it, saying it is “every child’s dream.”

“Speechless,” Vinit Agnihotri said meanwhile.

The creator is also sharing photos and videos of his work on his Instagram account

You can watch the LEGO car moving in the clip below. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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