Smart! ‘Starfield’ Player Creates An In-Game Character Inspired By ‘Doctor Who’

Starfield” launched only last September 6th, but it seems that it has been around for ages when looking at the massive reception from gamers worldwide. 

Aside from the adventures you can partake in while playing the game, this game by the developer Bethesda also has a character customization engine praised by many as the best character creator from the developer thus far. Several gamers have utilized the engine’s amazing features to create characters, from popular to hilarious ones. 

“Starfield” players are showing off their creativity, producing truly fantastic creations like wacky custom characters to carefully designed spaceships.

But perhaps nothing is quite like what this smart “Starfield” player has come up with. They created a character inspired by the 11th Doctor from the hit sci-fi TV series, “Doctor Who.”

“Starfield” gamer and Redditor named u/BearsOnShrooms showed some images of their creation.

“Any ‘Doctor Who’ fans here?” they posted. “Wanted to share my character creation of Matt Smith’s Doctor in Starfield. Loving the game so far!”

In their Reddit post, they shared two images. One was the creation process and the other was how the character looked in the game. 

The 11th Doctor is an incarnation of the Doctor, the protagonist in “Doctor Who.” He is played by Matt Smith in the series. The show tells about the adventures of a Time Lord known as the Doctor, who is actually an extraterrestrial being who appears to be human.

In “Starfield,” gamers are given a wide range of preset options when crafting a character, including the option to tweak and fine-tune every facial feature. The gamer who recreated the “Doctor Who” character made sure they used these in-game capabilities well.

“Starfield” is an action role-playing video game that allows players to explore the Milky Way galaxy, which, in the game, is filled with both fictional and real planetary systems. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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