IShowSpeed Amused by Virat Kohli’s WWE 2K23 Avatar

Streamers are catching everyone’s attention, gaining immense love and support from fans. The recent Streamy Awards 2023 celebrated notable streamers, and among them, IShowSpeed emerged victorious as the Best Variety Streamer, showered with affection from fans. His content is known for its hilarious nature, which is the core reason for the massive following he enjoys. Recently, during a livestream, IShowSpeed shared his fascination with Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli’s appearance in WWE 2K23.

IShowSpeed is widely recognized for his love of sports, especially football. Meeting his idol, Cristiano Ronaldo, left him in awe, and his admiration for famous Indian sportsmen, including Virat Kohli, is no secret.

However, in a recent light-hearted moment, IShowSpeed playfully confused Indian film star Shah Rukh Khan with Virat Kohli, creating a humorous situation for fans. Moments like these, filled with genuine comments, resonate with the audience.

During a WWE 2K23 gameplay livestream on YouTube, IShowSpeed showcased his playful side as he encountered Virat Kohli’s character model in the game. Enthusiastically, he made jovial remarks, captivating his audience.

“This isn’t the first time Speed is doing something like this. It’s a common occurrence with IShowSpeed and his livestreams. Moreover, this produces content that fans find really hilarious. And thus, the streamer continues to receive all the love he’s getting due to all these moments!”

Fans appreciate IShowSpeed’s genuine and light-hearted approach during streams, making him a beloved figure in the streaming community. His entertaining commentary and infectious humor continue to win hearts globally.



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