A TikTok Favorite: Make This Cute, Affordable DIY Ghost Décor For Halloween

It’s almost October. It’s that time of the year again when kids will go trick-or-treating, and when you will be decorating your homes and offices with scary décors.

Are you looking for a cute yet simple and affordable Halloween décor? You might want to consider doing what TikToker @thenavagepatch did. They created a cute DIY macrame ghost that’s perfect for the occasion and for all your spaces, too.

The netizens are loving it. 

“It’s so cute and spooky!! (ghost emoji)” said @dollartree. 

This macrame ghost is not your usual ghost décor you can find from a store, as it is in the form of a cut-out cloth. 

To make this, you need two sets of nautical rope, a foamboard or cardboard, a hot glue, a pair of scissors, an X-acto knife, and a piece of black felt fabric.

Gather all your materials on a table so it is easy to get them when needed. You can start with the cardboard, cutting an eight-inch diameter semi-circle using your X-acto knife. 

Then, fold a set of those nautical ropes in half before laying it across the upper portion of the circle to make four strands on each stand. 

Afterward, fold the second set of your nautical ropes to create an additional set of stands, placing them within the middle of the outer strands you made earlier. Make sure the ropes are nestled tightly together so the board won’t peek through. 

Once the ropes are neat and secure, hot glue each strand to your cardboard, starting from the center and making your way to the outer strand’s top part. 

After you’ve hot glued all the strands, untwist the rope to create loose and wavy strands for the lower part of your ghost décor. Then, trim the tips to make them even. 

Next, get your black felt fabric and cut out tiny ovals for the ghost’s eyes and mouth, hot glue them to the ghost’s face, and voila, you are done! Be amazed by your creation. You can use Command strips to hang your new ghost friend. 

Want to make a whole gang of ghosts? Of course, you can. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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