13-Year-Old UK Boy Who Got Reprimanded For Doodling In Class Scores A Deal With Nike

What you are about to find out is just proof that there are things that happen in school that are completely opposite in real-life – like doodling, well at least, for this 13-year-old boy in the United Kingdom.

Joe Whale, who is better know in social media as “Doodle Boy,” would often get scolded in school for doodling in class, something that most of us may have experienced as well, but never did he know that this extraordinary talent of his would land him a deal with renowned athletic brand, Nike

Partnership with Nike

Whale, who hails from Shrewsbury, shares his works on his official Instagram account (@thejoewhale), which now has almost 170,000 followers as of press time. 

On this official website (yes, he’s got a website, too), The Doodle Boy, this talented teenager revealed he has been drawing and painting since he was three years old.

He added that his favorite characters to draw are food, monsters, and aliens, but that does not mean he is limited to those. He also doodles burgers, fries, flowers, vegetables, clouds, cakes, and more. 

The deal he ended up with Nike is a digital campaign that encourages children’s creativity. 

“We are so very excited to confirm that Joe is now part of the Nike Family,” said Loveblood Creative, Whale’s agency. “It really is a unique relationship that puts Joe’s talent and love of sport together to inspire others to have fun and do what they love.”

‘No right or wrong in art’

For those who also want to be successful with their artistic creations, take the cue from this teenage boy. 

According to him, there is “one rule” he faithfully follows when it comes to his doodles, that “there is no right or wrong in art,” but interpretation, adding that he loves that he is completely free to express when creating his art.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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