Rumors Swirl as Logan Paul Suggests Dillon Danis Might Back Out of Fight

Logan Paul, gearing up to face Dillon Danis in an anticipated boxing match on October 14, suspects that his opponent might be seeking an exit strategy. The much-anticipated event, set to be held at the Misfits X DAZN: The Prime Card in Manchester, England, has garnered considerable attention from fans.

In a recent social media video, ‘The Maverick’ voiced concerns about Danis’ intentions, referencing Danis’ comments on facing legal troubles due to lawsuits from Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. Logan Paul accused Danis of attempting to use these unrelated lawsuits as an excuse to withdraw from the fight.

The feud between the two escalated when Danis chose to promote the fight by targeting Agdal’s character, sharing old private pictures allegedly obtained illegally. Agdal responded by filing a lawsuit against Danis in a New Jersey court.

Danis, during a conversation on Adin Ross’ livestream, disclosed the financial burden of the lawsuits, claiming he would owe $400,000 in legal fees even if he won the case. Paul, referencing Danis’ recent professional inactivity, accused him of seeking any excuse to back out from their impending fight.

Logan Paul’s video hinting at Danis potentially pulling out triggered a frenzy among fans, stirring up questions and concerns. Fans recalled Danis previously backing out of the KSI fight and questioned if history might repeat itself.

While social media buzzed with speculation, it’s important to note that Dillon Danis hasn’t officially withdrawn from the fight. In fact, he vehemently denied the rumors, condemning WWE star Kayla Braxton for suggesting the same and confirming his commitment to facing Logan Paul in the boxing ring next month.



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