Fans Predict Trouble Ahead for Love is Blind’s Milton and Lydia

Fans of the hit show “Love is Blind” are already speculating that the engagement of 24-year-old Milton and 30-year-old Lydia might not stand the test of time due to Milton’s hesitant proposal.

Season 5 of “Love is Blind” is turning out to be quite dramatic, and the contestants haven’t even met outside their pods yet. Lydia’s quest for love has taken center stage this season. All she hoped for was to find genuine love, flaws and all. She seemed to have found it in Milton.

However, despite Lydia’s excitement over the engagement, fans are already predicting trouble for the couple. They believe that Lydia’s engagement might not be as genuine as it seems, with some saying she would have said yes to anyone.

Fans doubt the authenticity of Milton and Lydia’s engagement, even though they bonded over their shared love of geology. Many skeptics believe Lydia may have agreed to the engagement for ulterior motives, suggesting she might still have feelings for her ex-boyfriend, Uche.

The Love is Blind subreddit is buzzing with fans sharing their skepticism. Some fans believe Lydia is more enamored with the idea of being engaged than with Milton himself, and they suspect she might be hoping for a chance to reconnect with Uche during the show’s vacation segment.

The speculations continue with fans expressing their doubts about Lydia’s true intentions, suggesting she might simply be eager to have a ring on her finger, regardless of who provides it.

Fans eagerly await future episodes of Love is Blind to see if their predictions about the fate of Milton and Lydia’s relationship come true.



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