100 Thieves Elevates Their Game: Welcomes Zikz as New Valorant Head Coach for VCT 2024

The Valorant Champions 2023 tournament left a lasting mark in the hearts of fans. This VCT 2023 season showcased incredible competition, especially from teams that had previously struggled, like Evil Geniuses, who emerged as the champions. Players like ZmjjKK and Demon1 also gained immense popularity. However, not all major teams performed up to expectations in the Championship, leading to significant roster changes during this off-season. Recently, 100 Thieves, a strong contender in the Americas League, announced the signing of Zikz, the former assistant coach for Evil Geniuses, as their new head coach.

The Valorant Champions 2023 season will be remembered for the underdogs’ incredible performances, with each team putting up a remarkable fight for the championship. However, some prominent organizations fell short of expectations. Certain teams struggled to advance past the initial rounds or make it to the top tiers. One such strong contender, 100 Thieves from the Americas region, faced challenges during the championship.

Following a challenging season, 100 Thieves experienced a setback when key players Steller and Derrek departed from the organization. However, the organization is bouncing back by bringing in a new head coach, Zikz, who is experienced and capable, to lead the team toward a successful VCT 2024 season.

In the midst of the off-season, prominent organizations like Sentinels and Global Esports are making significant roster changes. 100 Thieves, a top contender in the Americas region, is actively participating in this roster evolution. The organization’s recent signing of Zikz, the former assistant coach of Evil Geniuses, as their new head coach has been met with excitement from fans, signaling a positive move towards a brighter future.

Fans were delighted when 100 Thieves introduced Zikz through a video on their YouTube channel, where he shared his vision for the upcoming season and received enthusiastic cheers from fans. Zikz, in his new role as the head coach, emphasized his excitement in guiding and mentoring players towards competitive success and improved organizational performance in tournaments. He commended the formidable 100 Thieves roster, expressing confidence in their ability to make a mark in the gaming world.

This strategic change in coaching comes at a crucial time when other organizations are also forming robust and competitive rosters. Fans are eagerly anticipating an outstanding performance from 100 Thieves in the upcoming VCT 2024 season.



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