WATCH: Hungry Stray Cat In Türkiye Visits The Meat Shop Daily For Free Food

Money is difficult to earn for most people, and for this stray cat in Türkiye that is not capable of earning income, the best thing it can do is to visit stores daily to get some free food. 

And one store staff is kind enough to give the hungry cat what it wants. 

In a trending video posted on Judge Faith’s Facebook page, a hungry stray cat is seen visiting a meat shop in Türkiye, leaning over the shelf’s glass in the hopes that it would get some free food. 

The butcher would be so generous to hand the cat some food (though uncooked). He would even communicate with the cat, showing the creature some choices on what it wants. 

After the adorable cat made its choice, the butcher would slice a piece and give it to the cat.

Cat lovers and netizens are showing their appreciation and love for the post by giving the video likes and heart reactions. 

“Loved this,” said Facebook user Barbara Moss Sieger. 

Benjamin Chang, meanwhile, praised the generous butcher, saying, “How kind a good heart the boss has!”

“What a kind hearted man… I love people [who] love animals, especially cats and dogs. I have a dog… I’m always worried about the homeless animals. (emojis)” posted another Facebook user, Patricia Morton. 

“God bless the butcher for feeding the cat,” Suzan Sparks posted in the comments section. 

What a scene. So cute, right? 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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