This Filipina Financed The Schooling Of More Than 10 Students Because Of Her Fried Rice Business

Here’s another viral success story that you will love. Maria Alilia Bagio, a 51-year-old Filipino, interestingly financed the schooling of more than 10 students because of her fried rice business.

Bagio owns Elcep’s Budbod, a small eatery in Manila, the capital of the Philippines, which has been around for 13 years already.  

Elcep’s Budbod serves freshly-cooked fried rice topped with the meat or fish of choice of the customers. 

Bagio, who shares that she is a single mother, took inspiration from her parents who she said also owned a food business in the past when she was still in her grade school days. 

“When I got the chance to save money, I decided that food business is a good venture, because I love to eat, we love to eat, and our family loves to eat. My mom also loves to cook, like me,” she said. 

Because of her food business, she helped several people finish college from her financing. 

“I was able to help a lot of people… I am very grateful and happy for them,” Bagio shared. “Yes, you give back.”

It is also interesting since Bagio did not finish her studies herself. She is an undergraduate of Mass Communication majoring in Broadcasting. 

Bagio is actually a TV actress in the Philippines – better known with her screen name, “Mosang” – playing minor and supporting roles. Her works include “T2,” “Segunda Mano,” and “Pepito Manaloto.”

Watch the full success story below. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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