N3ON Receives Lucrative Offer from Rumble: Could a Platform Shift Be in the Works?

N3ON, the fiery 19-year-old streamer, has recently captivated audiences with his IRL streams. Partnering with notable influencers like Sneako, Fousey, and Adin Ross, N3ON’s streams are gaining significant attention and traction. Rising to prominence in May, largely thanks to Adin Ross, N3ON has become one of Kick’s most-watched streamers.

His journey, however, has been marked by controversies. Before gaining fame, N3ON faced backlash for uploading videos in which he faked his death and engaged in clickbait content related to the pandemic. Although these videos have been deleted, N3ON continues to astonish fans with stunts and daring acts to keep them entertained.

While he initially started on Twitch, N3ON transitioned to Kick, where he consistently streams and maintains a presence on Twitch and YouTube, even though no official deal was signed with Kick.

Recent streams featuring N3ON and Sneako in Los Angeles on the Rumble platform have been immensely popular. Sneako humorously advocated for Rumble over Kick during these streams, suggesting N3ON should make the move. Surprisingly, N3ON, during a recent livestream, revealed an enticing offer from Rumble, hinting at a potential career shift.

Expressing his financial situation, N3ON disclosed, “I got a really, really, really big offer from Rumble. Like chat, I’m broke as f*** bro, okay. You gotta understand I’m a broke Indian bro, I don’t have money, and I got some cr*zy s***, cr*zy cr*zy s***”. He also confirmed acceptance of the offer, stating, “And I accepted it this morning. Um, it looks like we will be going to Rumble.”

Although no official confirmation has been provided by either Rumble or N3ON, the potential move wouldn’t be surprising given the consistent high viewership N3ON and Sneako garner on Rumble streams. This shift might lead N3ON down a different path than his close friend Adin Ross. Stay tuned for further updates.



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