Crip Mac Takes Action: Physical Confrontation with N3ON During Live Stream

In the world of online streaming, drama sometimes takes center stage, and recently, a live stream incident involving N3ON and Crip Mac turned heads. N3ON, known for his IRL streams and penchant for provocation, found himself in a tense situation when he met up with Crip Mac, a prominent gangster from the 55th St. of Los Angeles.

N3ON had been making waves with his IRL streams, collaborating with well-known streamers, and even crashing a Kardashian Party, where he had an unusual encounter with Charli D’Amelio. However, during his latest stream, N3ON chose to meet an old acquaintance, Crip Mac, setting the stage for an unexpected clash.

N3ON’s on-camera persona often involves provoking others, a trait that has led to confrontations in the past. This time, he took aim at Crip Mac during the livestream, making disparaging remarks that fueled the ire of the gang member and local celebrity.

The backstory to this altercation dates back to a previous Adin Ross stream in which both N3ON and Crip Mac were present. Their initial interaction didn’t end well, as N3ON managed to antagonize the gangster, prompting Crip to issue a threat “on sight” should they ever cross paths again.

Despite the bad blood between them, N3ON decided to meet with Crip Mac while he was in Los Angeles. Before the meetup, N3ON was visibly apprehensive, knowing the tension between them. Adding a twist of irony, N3ON chose to wear all red, a color not favored by Crip’s gang, who typically don blue attire.

As they spent time together, N3ON continued to taunt and troll Crip Mac. However, the tipping point came when N3ON made a disrespectful joke during their visit to a store. When Crip Mac was searching for something, N3ON asked him, “Do you want a blue vibrator or not?”

Crip Mac’s response was swift and intimidating. He confronted N3ON, lifting him up and squeezing him while saying, “I don’t play those games, get over here!” This physical altercation was captured on the live stream and quickly garnered attention.

N3ON’s provocative behavior is well-known among his fans, who seem to revel in his ability to stir up trouble. Despite the confrontation, N3ON’s penchant for drama continues to draw viewers. Additionally, he revealed that Rumble, a streaming platform, has offered him a substantial sum to sign with them, potentially signaling a new chapter in his streaming career.



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