Exclusive: Adin Ross’ Kim Jong-un Livestream Surpasses Expectations, Kick Co-Founder Unveils

In a recent event that shook the online world, popular streamer Adin Ross made waves with his extraordinary livestream. The buzz began when Eddie Craven, the CEO of Kick, playfully suggested to Adin to embark on a mission to North Korea and retrieve a staggering $41 million worth of Bitcoin from none other than Kim Jong-Un, the North Korean leader. However, the situation escalated when Adin announced an exclusive interview with the dictator to be broadcasted on his stream.

This revelation caught the attention of international media, including a concerned US government, which advised caution in dealing with the interview. The anticipation soared, but to the disappointment of fans, an impersonator made a surprise appearance in the interview instead of the actual Supreme Leader of North Korea. Adin witnessed a record-breaking exodus of viewers in just one minute.

Nevertheless, the intense hype surrounding the interview ultimately turned it into a personal milestone for Adin. It became the most-watched stream on Kick, leaving many to speculate if Twitch would lift its previous ban on Adin Ross, which was imposed in February.

Contrary to initial reports suggesting a peak viewership of 450,000 during the Kim Jong-un Interview, Kick’s Co-Founder Eddie Craven clarified that the actual number was much higher, reaching a staggering 700,000 live viewers.

This revelation adds a new dimension to the stream’s success, placing it potentially among the top 10 most viewed streams by a solo Twitch streamer. Astonishingly, the stream’s popularity led to a temporary crash of the website due to overwhelming traffic.

Kick’s resilience in handling this immense viewership, especially as a beta platform, impressed fans and industry observers alike. The event showcased the growing influence and reach of online streaming, where unexpected collaborations and events can captivate a global audience, leaving a lasting mark on the digital landscape.



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