Doja Cat’s Debut Album Sales Face Criticism: YourRAGE Accuses Her of ‘Selling Her Soul’!

Doja Cat

In a recent Twitter post, popular streamer and content creator YourRAGE took a jab at Doja Cat regarding her first-week album sales, insinuating that she had compromised her values for financial gain.

The tweet read: “YourRAGE pokes fun at Doja Cat for her 55k first-week album sales, suggesting she made a Faustian bargain for the numbers.”

“Trading your essence for a mere 55k is unbelievable,” YourRAGE remarked.

Doja Cat, an artist with aspirations to echo J. Cole’s model of solo albums without features, expressed her admiration for the impact created by Cole’s music. In her pursuit of a similar impact, she decided to craft a 17-track album largely free of collaborations.

Though Doja Cat remains steadfast in her creative vision, there are evident vulnerabilities in her latest 17-track project. In a particular song titled “97,” produced by Jay Versace, she conveys a carefree attitude and a nonchalant disposition, emphasizing her disinterest in societal judgments and expectations.

Approximately 70 percent of her nearly hour-long album, Scarlet, attempts to project an image of unbothered confidence. Doja Cat, however, delves into precise criticisms and reactions to critics, aiming to deconstruct idolization. Tracks like “Fuck the Girls (FTG)” and “Shutcho” reveal her disdain for the paparazzi and the burdens of fandom.

Fans took to social media to share their opinions and reactions to YourRAGE’s comment, sparking a wider discussion on the intersection of artistic expression, commercial success, and personal integrity.

Doja Cat’s artistic journey and the critique of her album sales highlight the ongoing discourse surrounding authenticity, fame, and creative agency within the music industry.



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