Dillon Danis Accuses Logan Paul of Single-Handedly Trying to Ruin The Fight Game

The Logan Paul versus Dillon Danis feud is reaching a boiling point as they gear up for their highly anticipated match on October 14th. The tension is palpable, and emotions are running high as both fighters prepare for what promises to be an explosive showdown.

Dillon Danis took to Twitter to express his frustration, stating, “I didn’t sign up for a sue-off, I signed up for a boxing match. Forget this nonsense.” He didn’t hold back, adding, “Logan Paul is the biggest coward to ever walk this earth, and that’s saying a lot considering who’s still out there.”

In another tweet, Danis alleged that Logan had orchestrated the disabling of his Instagram account, claiming he paid someone from Meta to carry out the deed. He didn’t mince his words, referring to Logan as a rat and questioning how anyone could support him.

The online community chimed in on this feud, with strong opinions on both sides. Some criticized Logan Paul’s approach, suggesting he’s more interested in legal battles than a physical fight, while others defended Danis’ commitment to settling things in the ring.


Adding fuel to the fire, Danis had previously taunted Logan’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, by sharing fake photos portraying her with other men. This led to legal action, with Agdal obtaining a restraining order against Danis and filing a lawsuit seeking $150,000 in damages.

Recently, Logan and Danis had a face-off for DAZN, but Logan claimed that a significant portion of the footage was edited out at Danis’ request. Allegedly, Danis had made a confession related to a federal crime during the interview, prompting the removal of the footage.

As the fight date draws near, the feud between Logan Paul and Dillon Danis shows no signs of cooling down. Fight fans eagerly await what will unfold on October 14th, hoping for a resolution to this heated rivalry.



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