How KSI and Others Reacted to Bradley Martyn Knocking Down Sneako in Sparring

Bradley Martyn, a prominent figure in the fitness and influencer world, has been making waves in the combat sports scene recently. Known for his claims of superiority in strength and size over professional fighters, he has garnered attention for challenging fighters to street fights or sparring sessions. One such session was with Sneako, a fellow YouTuber.

In a recent tweet, Martyn suggested that if the sparring session had been an actual street fight, the outcome would have been far more severe for Sneako. This statement has stirred the interest of both fans and other celebrities, including UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland. Strickland, who is closer in size to Martyn, has expressed interest in sparring with him, adding to the intrigue surrounding Martyn’s foray into the combat sports realm.

However, fans and some fellow influencers are eager to see Martyn take on a professional fighter, such as Nate Diaz or Sean Strickland, to truly assess his skills in a competitive setting. Despite the attention and speculation, Martyn has yet to transition his provocations into a full-fledged influencer boxing career.

The sparring session with Sneako, in particular, showcased a significant weight and size disparity, as Martyn, weighing around 260 pounds, dominated the session. Critics argue that the difference in weight warranted the use of head guards for safety. KSI, the CEO of Misfits Boxing, criticized the incident, emphasizing the need for precautions given the noticeable weight difference between the two participants.

As the debate surrounding Bradley Martyn’s ventures into combat sports continues, the influencer remains in the limelight, with fans and detractors closely watching his next moves and potential matchups. The fitness influencer’s assertions and actions have undoubtedly stirred a wide array of reactions within the combat sports community, keeping the conversation about his prowess and intentions ongoing.



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