Does Elon Musk Feel Disappointed that Russel Brand is Pushing Rumble More Than X in His New Video?

In the realm of online discourse, a recent exchange on Twitter has sparked intrigue and curiosity. The catalyst was a tweet by KanekoaTheGreat, shedding light on Russell Brand’s latest video tackling the concerning issue of online censorship. Brand, a prominent figure in both comedy and acting, urged his YouTube audience to join him on Rumble, emphasizing the Trusted News Initiative and the United Kingdom’s Online Safety Bill.

However, this call to arms didn’t sit well with Elon Musk, the owner of X. Musk, who expressed his disappointment, contending that Rumble was being exclusively advocated for despite X’s strong advocacy for free speech.

This digital discussion took an interesting turn when KanekoaTheGreat agreed with Musk’s sentiments, suggesting that financial agreements with Rumble might be influencing Brand’s actions. Advocating for a broader approach, the tweet urged Brand to share his content on both Rumble and X, platforms aligned with the principles of free speech.

Whitney Grenaway, another user of X, chimed in, echoing the hope that Brand could be persuaded to see X as the better choice. The consensus was clear – supporting X’s ethos was crucial, and Russell Brand’s endorsement would be invaluable.

Russell Brand’s journey has seen him evolve from a comedian and actor to a digital influencer. However, recent times have seen him embroiled in controversy due to the promotion of conspiracy theories, including Covid denialism, on his YouTube channel. Consequently, YouTube demonetized his channel, and his live tour faced postponement.

In his latest video, the 48-year-old Brand addressed the ongoing attempts to censor him on various online platforms, shedding light on the UK government’s efforts to regulate online content. Brand criticized the far-reaching surveillance and censorship powers granted by the impending UK Online Safety Bill, currently in the final stages of legislative approval.

As this digital dialogue unfolds, the question remains: does Elon Musk harbor disappointment over Brand’s favoring of Rumble over X in his recent video? The answer remains open to interpretation, but it’s evident that the conversation about online censorship is far from over.



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