Keeping Up With The… D’Amelios? TikTok’s ‘First Family’ Shares Their Secrets To Success

The Kardashians might have to step aside as the D’Amelios are here.

Truly, the continuous rise of the Internet has propelled social media influencers – who just started with an account with a few followers  – to become worldwide sensations. And successful brands, too, like the D’Amelio family. 

This family, hailed as TikTok’s “first family,” is composed of sisters Charli and Dixie, together with their parents, Marc and Heidi. 

Now, they are sharing their success secrets to the world.

Here is what the D’Amelio family said were their true secrets to success:

1. Seek help

The first secret to success that the D’Amelio family truly believes in is seeking help from an expert. For them, this is non-negotiable. 

The mother, Heidi, told the media, “I am a great mom, but I don’t even try to be Charli and Dixie’s manager. That’s why we have appointed a team of people to help us with the business.”

2. Listen to your customers

They also believe that, to be successful in your business, you must understand what your customers want. 

“You don’t really go online to buy a pair of shoes if you don’t know they are going to work for you. With our shoe brand, it has been really interesting to see what the feedback is…” said Charli. 

3. Communication is key

Communication is crucial when running any business, including a family business. For the D’Amelios, keeping the entire family happy and unified is a full-time job in itself.

“We can’t afford for them (kids) not to be speaking,” said the dad, Marc.

4. Have a wonderful team – and acknowledge them

The D’Amelio family makes sure to acknowledge their team members – from their PR people and managers to designers – on their television show and websites. After all, their success won’t be possible without the minds of these people. 

… We are all in this together,” Charli said.

5. Reflect

Lastly, reflect. This way, you become a better leader for your business.

“You need to take time to readjust and reflect,” said Dixie.

The success of the D’Amelios, from their youngest daughter, Charli, just posting TikTok videos in 2019 to now having their own group of brands that consist of a shoe and skincare label, among others, as well as securing collaborations with big companies like Dunkin’ and Prada, is something that is for the record.

Watch their latest YouTube video below.

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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