The Internet Is Loving The TikTok-Viral Dalgona Coffee Made With A Sieve This Time

Coffee lovers, read on. Remember dalgona coffee that went viral on TikTok during the height of the pandemic?

Dalgona coffee refers to a type of coffee that involves milk topped with a foam made with coffee as well and sugar – somewhat like a reverse cappuccino. 

Now, an Instagrammer named @rabilahza has recently shared her recipe of a tasty dalgona coffee made using a sieve. The Internet is gushing over it. The Instagram video has already garnered more than three million likes as of press time. 

The best part about this iced dalgona coffee is that the process only requires six ingredients and you get a fine and great-tasting cup of beverage that will get coffee shops like Starbucks cringing. 

Here’s the recipe

To make this iced dalgona coffee, you will need a tablespoon of coffee powder (you can use your favorite brand), a tablespoon of powdered sugar, five tablespoons of hot water, cold milk, ice, and ice cream. 

The Instagrammer started by using a big saucer, adding a spoonful of coffee, a spoon of powdered sugar, and five spoons of hot water in it. 

Then, she used a strainer and started rubbing it on the mixture, using its straining side. She went on this process until the mixture turned into a thick beige-hued paste. 

Once done with that, she took a mug and added chocolate sauce in it. Then, she added some ice cubes, before topping it with three big tablespoons of the paste prepared earlier, and added cold water. She also topped it with some ice cream. 

Netizens react

Instagram netizens are reacting to the clip. One of them said, “Just realized how sad my morning coffee looks.”

Some wanted to know how long it took the creator to sieve it. 

“That’s one of the best dalgona recipes,” said another netizen. 

Do you also want to try making this?

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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