Bye YG Entertainment? Netizens React To Rumors Saying Some BLACKPINK Members Will Leave Their Home Agency

Netizens and BLINKs, fans of the renowned K-Pop female group BLACKPINK, are reacting to the rumors recently circulating that some of the group’s members are leaving YG Entertainment, their home agency. 

Sad but optimistic

“Lisa (emojis). Promise me you will go somewhere better!” one netizen said, particularly concerned about Lisa, the group’s rapper. 

Another said, optimistic about the future of their favorite BLACKPINK member, “I think Lisa is going to be an international celebrity.”

Meanwhile, this fan is concerned about their bias, Jisoo, clueless about where she is headed. They said, “Oh, Jisoo, I wonder where she is going.”

However, some of them are optimistic that this rumor will not lead to the group getting disbanded. One netizen said, “If they agreed to promote six months out of the year together, then the group is still together…” 

On the other hand, another said that if this happens, “it will be hard for them to get together.”

Goodbye YG Entertainment?

The rumor broke out after Korean news outlet Sports Seoul reported that three of the BLACKPINK members – Lisa, Jisoo, and Jennie – spare Rosé, will soon be leaving YG Entertainment. 

This news followed previous speculations saying that Lisa has turned down two offers from YG Entertainment. 

YG Entertainment is the agency that manages not just BLACKPINK, but also other K-Pop groups like BIGBANG, WINNER, and 2NE1, among others.

BLACKPINK has been with YG Entertainment since 2016, but their contract with the agency is only until this year. 

But don’t worry, BLINKs. YG Entertainment has reportedly denied the rumors, and said they are “still negotiating.”

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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