Adin Ross Breaks Kick Record With Fake Kim Jong Un Stream

Adin Ross has broken Kick’s viewership records by hosting a fake interview stream with a faux Kim Jong Un, amassing a peak live audience of over 300,000 viewers.

It’s worth noting that the real Kim Jong Un rarely grants interviews, especially to foreign media personalities. His last known interview with foreign media occurred in 2019 with the Russian news channel Rossiya-24.

Since his permanent ban from Twitch, Adin Ross has emerged as a prominent figure on Kick, despite the platform’s CEO acknowledging that he poses a “brand risk” due to his numerous controversies.

Despite this sentiment, Kick CEO Eddie Craven appears to be interested in collaborating with Adin, even suggesting the idea of flying him to North Korea to stream with their supreme leader, Kim Jong Un.

After several days of teasing, Adin appeared to come close to achieving this by streaming an interview with a “Kim Jong Un” impersonator live on Kick, setting new viewership records. Moments before the fake Kim Jong Un made his appearance, Ross’s broadcast experienced a sudden surge in viewership, with over 333,506 fans tuning in live, marking his all-time peak concurrent viewership according to Stream Charts.

The “Kim Jong Un” featured in the stream was actually a professional impersonator known as Howard X on Cameo, a platform where actors can be hired to deliver personalized messages. After Adin’s mock interview with the supposed North Korean leader, he invited Andrew Tate to the stream, with Howard X also joining the call.

Martin Dover

Martin Dover

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