TikTokers Lambast A Dad Who Refused To Sit With His Wife, Kids On A Plane

A TikTok post of a woman who witnessed how a father refused to sit with his wife and kids on a plane is making rounds online, and TikTokers are lambasting how this dad behaved. 

Dad refuses to sit with his wife, kids

In the video shared by @one_toughmother, who identifies herself with feminism, on TikTok, she narrated how she saw the dad choosing to sit separately from his wife and three kids, so he could enjoy a tranquil plane ride from Las Vegas to Vancouver. 

@one_toughmother wrote on the caption over the video, “I was seated next to a mom who had a baby in her lap and a toddler beside her. It was a lot. I offered to switch seats with the dad, who was a few rows up, so he could be with his family. He says, ‘Great thanks’ AND SENDS OVER ANOTHER SMALL KID TO SIT WITH THE MOM. He enjoyed a kid-free flight.”

“A little sunday rage for ya #momsoftiktok #deadbeatdad,” the TikToker also wrote in the main caption.

Dad In Big Trouble

The video has already garnered millions of views as of press time, with fellow TikTokers enraged at this behavior of the dad.

Many commenters said they should divorce, while netizen Jo said, “The way I would’ve screamed at my husband”

Mom also struggled with the luggage

Since the video went viral, it has caught the attention of various media outlets. @one_toughmother further told the media that she also noticed the mom was also struggling a bit with their carry-on luggage, in addition to watching over their three kids. 

Plane etiquette is a hot button topic. Believe it or not, the issue about whether a dad should be allowed to sit on a plane alone, away from his family, is still debatable. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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