Puppy Yoga Practitioners In Toronto Share The Cuteness On TikTok – Yes, Yoga With Dogs

Are you in love with yoga? Why not? Yoga provides a lot of health benefits, from increasing your flexibility (of course) to losing weight. 

Do you own a dog, headed to your yoga class, and quite sad for your pet to just be left at home? They don’t have to be! There’s a growing trend nowadays called “puppy yoga,” which is literally a yoga class with your pet dogs cuddling with you as you do the poses. 

The perfect bonding time for dogs, and their fur daddies and mommies, puppy yoga, as the name implies, is doing yoga practice with your pet children. 

Apparently, this particular yoga practice is dominating social media, too. 


A yoga studio in Toronto, Canada has become TikTok-famous because of clips and images of its puppy yoga classes it shares to its followers online. 

For one, there’s this clip of a golden retriever pup, fast asleep and lying between a yogi’s legs that has been viewed more than 34 million times. 

In the video, you can also see the dog also taking their version of the savasana, lying on the neck of its owner while doing his savasana. The resting pose, “savasana” is usually the last pose before the class ends wherein the practitioner just lie on the mat, taking a rest after all the intense poses done. 

What TikTok netizens think 

Netizens on TikTok are sharing their comments on these posts by the Toronto yoga studio. One said, “I would never move again.” 

“This would solve all my problems,” said another. 

Basically, the benefits of puppy yoga reiterate those of yoga in itself, such as boosting the practitioner’s mental well-being and their overall health. But since you are doing yoga with your puppy, the latter becomes your great motivator.

Plus, the session benefits your puppy, too. Since a class can create positive interactions and mental stimulations, it also improves the health and wellness of these puppies.

Go ahead and try it. 

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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