Flight Passenger Leaves Airline Negative Review While At 40 000 Feet In The Sky

During a flight, a passenger had his movie viewing experience disrupted when airline staff requested him to complete a survey. In response, he delivered a “harsh” critique while still on board.

Although embarking on a flight may seem like an exciting escape for some, the reality often entails discomfort, lengthy durations, and periods of boredom. Fortunately, many airlines offer a variety of entertainment options to help passengers pass the time, such as movies and music.

However, one airline recently discovered that providing a service becomes futile if passengers cannot fully enjoy it.

TikTok user Mads Waller, who is known as ‘goinggonemadd‘ online, documented the incident in which a disgruntled passenger sought retribution against flight attendants who interrupted his movie by submitting a strongly worded survey while the flight was still in progress.

En route to an undisclosed destination, Waller recorded an elderly man seated one row ahead of her on the plane. The man was seen typing on a screen in front of him, and a close-up camera shot revealed that he was completing an airline survey.

In the survey, he wrote, “You served vegetables that were frozen solid. You also interrupted my movie twice to ask me to take a survey.”

The video has since gone viral, amassing over 2.5 million views and garnering hundreds of comments applauding the man for his candid response.

“I support him completely. Don’t disturb me, and don’t serve me frozen vegetables. Ever,” one person remarked. Another commenter said, “Speak your truth, king.”

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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