Calling Guinness: This Austrian YouTuber Believes He’s Made The World’s Longest Guitar

Right now, when it comes to guitar-related world records on Guinness, you can find the longest marathon playing guitar and the longest guitar playing session, among others, but the longest guitar is seemingly out of the picture. 

A YouTuber from Austria who goes by the name Bernth on the platform may have just smashed – or started, perhaps – that record. In his latest video, he claims he has created the world’s longest guitar. 

Bernth is not new to the music scene. He is not only a guitarist, but also a composer and session musician. Aside from being award-winning, he also graduated with honors from the Vienna Music Institute. 

According to his profile on his YouTube channel, he toured across Europe, the United States, Canada, and Latin America as a live guitar player for Belphegor, an Austrian extreme metal band. 

Bernth’s videos on YouTube include the “quirky” guitars he has created, his performances, and his insights about music. His content has led him to receive YouTube’s Silver Creator Award for passing the 100,000th subscriber mark on the platform in 2020. 

Not just those, but Bernth’s debut solo album earned much acclaim in 2021, resulting in him getting featured on various guitar-specific media outlets. 

In his recent video, titled “The worlds longest guitar actually sounds HEAVENLY,” the Austrian guitarist presented the different parts of his guitar, which has three fretboards in one, not just a single fretboard.

The first part is a regular acoustic guitar with a capo, while the middle section is a fretless rubber band with a capo, as well. The third and last part before the headstock is a low-tuned rubber band guitar.  

Of course, the guitar has to work perfectly. To show how it sounds, Bernth performed his own song, “Infinite,” using the guitar he has created. 

Watch the video and you be the judge. Do you think it deserves to be part of Guinness World Records?

Lindley Agustin

Lindley Agustin

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