Meiashes Banned From Twitch For “Unsolicited Sexual Advances”

Twitch streamer Meiashes has received a permanent ban for her sarcastic stream title, which was deemed to constitute “unsolicited sexual advances,” under Twitch’s strict enforcement of rules related to sexual content. This incident serves as a reminder that sarcasm does not exempt users from adhering to Twitch’s guidelines.

On September 15, the Twitch streamer known as ‘meiashes’ shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) that she had been permanently banned and would need to go through an appeal process to regain access to her channel.

The reason behind the ban was her stream title, which contained suggestive references to her breasts. While meiashes disagreed with the ban, some others supported Twitch’s decision.

In a screenshot of the email sent by Twitch, it was explained that the ban was due to the stream title’s request for viewers to engage with her breasts, which Twitch categorized as “unsolicited sexual advances.” The violation was specifically noted to have occurred within the stream title.

Reactions to the ban were mixed, with some opposing it and others believing it was justified, given Twitch’s clear rules on this matter.

One supporting viewer commented, “I was wondering what happened, this is the most petty thing I’ve seen them ban for lmfao.”

Another individual asked, “What did you think would happen?”

Someone else remarked, “This is one of the most justified bans I’ve seen.”

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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