Jen Shah & Elizabeth Holmes Best Pals In Texas Prison

A spokesperson for Jen Shah provided an update on her current situation in prison, mentioning that she has developed a friendship with Elizabeth Holmes, known for her involvement in the Theranos scandal.

Jen Shah, a star from “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City,” gained notoriety in March 2021 when she was arrested on charges related to a telemarketing scheme targeting elderly individuals, resulting in unaccounted-for millions from her various businesses.

Interestingly, both Shah and Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos, faced separate fraud accusations and are now incarcerated at the same facility, the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, Texas.

In addition to sharing a prison, Shah and Holmes have formed a friendship and spend time together while serving their respective sentences. RHOSLC’s Jen Shah and Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos have developed a bond while in Federal prison.Instagram: vandypop RHOSLC’s Jen Shah and Elizabeth Holmes of Theranos have formed a connection during their time at the Federal Prison Camp in Bryan, TX. Initially, both Shah and Holmes contested the allegations against them but eventually pleaded guilty when their cases went to trial and resulted in convictions.

Shah, who was accused of defrauding the elderly in 2021, pleaded guilty in 2022 and was sentenced to 6.5 years in a Texas prison.

Holmes, the founder of Theranos, had promised revolutionary medical diagnostic technology that required only a small blood sample, but it was later revealed to be fraudulent. She received a sentence of 11 years and 3 months due to the deception of Theranos’ entire concept.

Although Shah and Holmes were not acquainted prior to their imprisonment, Jen Shah’s representative, Chris Giovanni, shared with People Magazine that they have become close friends. Giovanni mentioned that both women are focused on rehabilitation and have connected through their shared journey of positive change. He added, “Their situations brought them together, and they have a good understanding of one another. They’re getting through it together.”

Shah has not only provided friendship to Holmes but has also taken on a maternal role in her life during their time in prison. Giovanni noted that Jen has offered advice and even met Elizabeth’s baby, showing care and affection toward her fellow inmate.

Furthermore, Giovanni revealed that both Shah and Holmes have undergone significant personal growth while incarcerated. Shah has initiated a fitness program for inmates called “Sha-mazing Abs,” in which she leads workout sessions and has received support from fellow inmates, including Elizabeth Holmes.

Additionally, it was disclosed that Shah has successfully completed her anger management classes and is described as being “reunion-ready” by Giovanni, suggesting a positive transformation during her time behind bars.

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