Prank Or Just Lunacy? Entire Kitchen Covered By Nutella

TikToker Kaih Anderson decided to play a prank on his parents by completely covering their kitchen with the famous chocolate and hazelnut spread, Nutella.

Kaih Anderson, an active TikTok user, frequently shares videos on the platform, ranging from heartwarming moments with his family to playful pranks.

His mission is to “celebrate the spirit of freedom,” and he has garnered millions of views for his humorous and heartwarming content.


See im not CrAzY, just crazy.

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Although he has previously gone viral on TikTok for buying luxury cars and surprising his mom with cash, his recent prank at home became a sensation with over 60 million views, leaving viewers astonished.

About a week ago, Anderson posted a TikTok video in which he documented the process of covering his parent’s entire kitchen with Nutella.

While Anderson may not be a professional artist, he used a paintbrush to ensure that every visible surface in the kitchen received a generous layer of the sweet spread. This included the oven, microwave, walls, refrigerator, a soap bottle near the sink, and even an oil diffuser neatly placed on the pristine countertops by his mom.

However, before applying the Nutella, Anderson had the foresight to wrap everything in plastic wrap, making the cleanup less daunting than it might have seemed.

In one of the multiple videos he shared showcasing the kitchen transformed into a chocolate lover’s dream, he humorously captioned it with, “I always wanted a Nutella house.”

Viewers who witnessed Anderson’s viral prank expressed disbelief in the comments section on TikTok, with some saying, “There’s no way he actually did that.”

One commenter playfully inquired about a possible “part two” to confirm that Anderson was still alive, joking about potential consequences from his parents for the mess.

Nevertheless, some viewers found the prank amusing, with comments like “It’s the diffuser for me,” and “My jaw dropped at this.”

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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