MrBeast Mistakes Canadian Actor Kevin Durand For Elon Musk

YouTube sensation Jimmy ‘MrBeast’ Donaldson recently shared an amusing anecdote about an encounter that didn’t go quite as planned. It seems that he mistakenly believed he had met Elon Musk in person, leading to an unexpected selfie, much to the delight of the internet.

Over the past few years, MrBeast and Elon Musk have maintained a friendly digital rapport. Before Musk’s acquisition and renaming of Twitter to ‘X,’ the two had exchanged tweets, with Donaldson even offering the tech mogul advice on conquering the YouTube realm. Following Musk’s $44 billion purchase of the social media platform, he assured MrBeast that he could take charge if needed, and it seems MrBeast fully intends to hold him to that promise.

Therefore, it was only natural for MrBeast to seek a photo with Elon when he believed he had spotted him in person. However, as it turned out, the person he approached was not, in fact, the owner of Twitter/X.

To everyone’s amusement, MrBeast shared the story on September 12, revealing that at the All-In Summit in LA, he had a chance encounter with someone he mistook for Elon Musk and asked for a photograph.

In his post, he admitted, “I thought this guy was Elon Musk but as I got closer I realized he wasn’t, but I was in too deep on the picture to back out.” He included the photo, which depicted his sheepish expression as the selfie was taken.

Amused fans quickly caught on to the mix-up and couldn’t resist commenting on the situation. One fan noted, “I can feel the pain in the thumbs up,” while another playfully remarked, “Dude grabbed a selfie with Elon Buff.” Some fans joked about MrBeast’s obliviousness, with one saying, “I don’t think Jimmy realizes how funny this is,” and another adding, “Hashtag embarrassing.”

It didn’t take long for MrBeast’s followers to identify the person he had encountered as Canadian actor Kevin Durand.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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