Streamer Mizkif Shows Revenue Stats On Twitch – He Earns $13k Per Week

During his most recent live stream, Mizkif was astonished by the sheer volume of viewer interactions. So much so that he accidentally unveiled his weekly Twitch earnings while still on air.

Mizkif, also known as Matthew Rinaudo, has been a streamer since 2016 but skyrocketed to fame in 2018 when he gained recognition for his role as a cameraman for fellow streamer Ice Poseidon.

While many streamers typically keep their financial details, particularly their earnings from live streams, private, there are instances where such information gets unintentionally disclosed.

This precise scenario unfolded during Mizkif’s recent “Just Talking” stream. The streamer was taken aback by the overwhelming number of comments and interactions pouring in. Curiously, he moved closer to his computer screen for a better view.

It was during this moment that he accidentally displayed his Twitch page for viewers to see, revealing his weekly revenue. According to his Twitch profile, Mizkif earned $13,168.32 in Twitch revenue between September 5 and September 11, 2023, which was $2,189.90 more than his earnings from the previous week. Notably, this figure does not include income from sponsorships or any other sources.

“Oh, I just showed my revenue,” Mizkif exclaimed before bursting into laughter. He promptly removed the page from view for his audience.

Fans who witnessed Mizkif’s leaked Twitch revenue were not particularly surprised by the sum but instead began speculating on how much he could potentially earn if he maintained a more consistent streaming schedule.

One fan remarked, “It’s astonishing that he could potentially earn three to four times more if he were consistently active with his streams. He can attract 20k viewers with a 5-hour Apex solo trio stream and then switch to League with 4k viewers for three months straight, lol.”

Another fan calculated, “Mizkif streamed for 14 hours. That’s roughly around $1,000 per hour from Twitch.”

Yet another commented, “The amusing part is, this is just a fraction of what he truly earns.”

A fourth fan noted, “13k a week, and this isn’t even close to peak Miz, and he’s streaming a lot less these days…”

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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