Amouranth Claims Getting Banned By Twitch Can Be A Positive For Your Career

Prominent streaming sensation Kaitlyn ‘Amouranth’ Siragusa recently shared her perspective on streamers who deliberately receive bans for publicity and why it can yield positive outcomes.

Amouranth is a prominent figure in the streaming realm, boasting millions of followers across platforms such as Twitch, OnlyFans, X, and others. She is no stranger to generating controversy on these platforms.

During her tenure on Twitch, Amouranth faced multiple suspensions due to her provocative content, with her hot tub streams often pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable on the platform.

In a recent interview with Rumble star TheQuartering, Amouranth was asked about the phenomenon of streamers intentionally seeking bans and her thoughts on whether it has become a new trend on Twitch.

Amouranth’s stance on the Twitch ban tactic is that it can indeed yield positive results, but it is fraught with risks that she personally avoids. She commented, “It can be. The only downside is the duration. I’ve never deliberately attempted to get banned because I believe it’s too risky. You never know when they might issue a seven-day or thirty-day suspension.”

Twitch’s inconsistent handling of bans is a concern Amouranth has voiced previously. In 2022, she accused Twitch’s Safety team of not adequately communicating with the rest of the platform’s staff regarding suspensions.

Nonetheless, Siragusa believes that the strategy of seeking a ban can be highly advantageous for specific streamers, depending on the circumstances leading to the ban. Amouranth cited an example of a streamer who accidentally left their camera on during a private moment and received a one-week ban. She noted that the situation “worked well for her” because it brought her newfound attention, especially since she was relatively unknown in the streaming community.

Some streamers may have taken inspiration from such instances and deliberately courted controversy for attention. Notably, Kick streamer HeelMike briefly faced a ban after a clip of him engaging in explicit behavior on stream went viral.

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