Mark Goldbridge Gives Passionate Speech To Youtube Creators Team – But They Still Lose

A popular, but marmite-type figure in the world of youtube football, fans either love or hate Mark Goldbrige. However, after managing the Youtube Creator team in the Sidemen Charity match, viewers were left shocked at just how passionate Mark Goldbridge was about winning.

Once again, fans were left wondering whether Goldbridge is real person, or simply a character created for amassing views.

The Youtube Creators genuinely seemed to enjoy and become motivated from the rousing team talk, with many cheers being heard. At one point towards the end of the speech, both Kai Cenat and Ishowspeed can be seen jumping up and down with excitement that they enjoyed it so much.

The speech itself was not based around the tactics of soccer, but more motivational and inspirational. Goldbridge reminded his team several times that they must not play with any fear and enjoy themselves. This was mixed in with a variety of his classic cringe inducing phrases such as “We are Jaws FC, we are Maximus gladiator FC” and “We are Rocky Balboa FC”, which got hugely positive responses from youtube stars such as MrBeast and Jidion.

Comments left below the video by viewers claimed that they would be happy to see Mark Goldbridge replace the current England manager Gareth Southgate, who has been criticised for his boring playstyle and lack of personality.

Unfortunately for Goldbridge and the Youtube creators, they lost the game 8-5, which was not the best scoreline. However, as the team was largely made up of foreign players with limited soccer experience, including xQc who was certainly not the best goalkeeper, this result was actually quite respectable when context is added.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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