Alaskan Fisherman Has Lucky Escape As Shark Tries To Bite Off His Genitals!

In a hilarious video shared to TikTok, a wild salmon shark almost had the last laugh against two fishermen who had caught it. The salmon shark is one of the few fish able to regulate its body temperature in a process called homeothermy.

In a video shared on the account happyalaska, the video shows the shark being strung up from its tail and brought about the ship – something which is a common practice in fishing. This is because sharks are generally less mobile when upside down and can be induced in to a trance.

However, this particular shark did not care for any science and instead fought back against the fishermen who had caught it. For some strange reason, the shark seemed to know exactly where to strike and made a lunge for the fishermens genitals.

Thanks to his quick reactions, the fisherman was left unhurt, but did have two teeth punctures to his waterproof clothing. It’s not known by exactly how much the shark missed its target by, but it cannot have been more than 1 inch!

The fishermen actually did not intend to catch this shark in the first place and confirmed that they released it unharmed, even after it tried this last ditch attack.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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