TikToker Jamison Lightfoot Tricks Public With Fake Drake Concert

A TikTok user with graphic design skills has pulled off a clever prank by duping fans of Drake and The Weeknd into believing they were attending a free concert that never actually existed.

This elaborate ruse was orchestrated by Jamie Lightfoot, known as ‘jamisonlightfoot’ on TikTok, who is known for planning and executing intricate pranks, ranging from faking a pregnancy test with Barbie branding to scattering trillium flowers throughout his city.

Lightfoot’s latest endeavor took things up a notch as he attracted eager concert-goers to a phony Drake and The Weeknd performance.


the fake Drake x The Weeknd concert #drake #theweeknd #prank #fyp made with @Emma !!

♬ original sound – Jamison

“I posted posters all over the city advertising a free Drake and The Weeknd concert in Trinity Bellwoods Park,” Lightfoot revealed. “The only catch is that the concert is entirely fake.”

To garner attention, Lightfoot designed a poster with an unmistakable OVO aesthetic, accurate sizing, and a “bewildering aesthetic,” even including corporate sponsors. The poster succeeded in attracting attendees despite Lightfoot including fine print and a disclaimer revealing the concert’s non-existence.

When asked why he went to such lengths, Lightfoot responded with a straightforward, “I just want to watch the world burn.” However, not everyone was convinced that the prank was genuine.

Some viewers noted Lightfoot’s history of manipulating and editing videos with his graphic design skills, suggesting that the prank itself might be a deception. One person pointed out that there appeared to be fewer people at Trinity Bellwoods Park than on a typical day, hinting that Lightfoot might have filmed a regular day at the park rather than capturing the reactions of disappointed concert-goers.

Another viewer, determined not to fall for Lightfoot’s tricks, questioned which editing techniques were used in this particular stunt.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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