The “Holy Trinity” Of Fast Food Restaurants Goes Viral & Europeans Can’t Believe It’s Real

A strange combination of fast food restaurants has caught the eye of users on various social media platforms. Dubbed the “Holy Trinity”, many European users were not even sure if the image was real or photoshopped.

However, many Americans chimed in that the image is certainly real with some claiming to be former employees in a combination restaurant. While it is rare to see all three combined, there are still a number of Taco Bell / KFC restaurants still in existance. This was a fad during the 2010’s era, so many of these restaurants are dying out, however – they do still exist.

This particular restaurant was located at 3325 NW Pine Avenue in Florida and was commonly known as Kentucky Grilled Chicken. Of course, this name doesn’t make much sense, but it would be difficult to name a restaurant that is literally 3 different iconic chains.

Further research on Google Maps shows that the location still exists today and has become a more modernized KFC/Taco Bell – unfortunately the Pizza Hut franchise has been dropped.

Image // Google Maps

On closer inspection of the building, you can clearly see that this is the same structure. While the exterior has certainly been modernized, the number “3325” is clearly visible on the pillar of the KFC restaurant. This of course matches the original location of 3325 NW Pine Avenue.

Image // Google Maps

Although this restaurant may seem like a fun concept, former employees in mixed kitchens told users it was pure hell due to three main reasons:

  1. The necessity of preparing three distinct full menus, even if they are somewhat streamlined.
  2. Maintaining a customer base that orders from each restaurant within the establishment. I recall a former colleague sharing an anecdote from their time at a KFC/Taco Bell. A customer once placed a $30 order from Taco Bell followed by a $60 order of KFC drumsticks. When informed that the chicken would require 30 minutes to cook due to the unusually large quantity ordered compared to the typical daily prep, the customer dismissed the idea and left without paying, resulting in a waste of both time and the already-prepared Taco Bell food.
  3. Managing inventory for multiple restaurants during the end-of-day procedures is extremely chaotic. Aside from the operational challenges within the various kitchens, the managerial aspect is also demanding. You are allocated labor resources for a single establishment but are responsible for overseeing three different menus and monitoring ingredient levels for each store, creating a complex juggling act.

Furthermore, the owner of the restaurant also has 3 different franchises to answer to in terms of standards. Something acceptable with one chain, may be completely unacceptable for another.

Paul Kish

Paul Kish

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