Former Teacher Regrets Joining OnlyFans

A former teacher, who lost her job after her OnlyFans content was exposed, has expressed her sense of failure and dissatisfaction with her earnings from the adult site.

Sarah Juree, a 41-year-old school teacher, was terminated from her teaching position in June 2022 after her employer, who had encouraged her to join OnlyFans, discovered her account. Her life took a difficult turn from that point.

Despite the initial attention her firing received, Juree struggled to generate income on the platform and now cautions others that joining OnlyFans may not be as lucrative as it seems.

In an interview with Yahoo, Juree conveyed her disappointment and a feeling of letting down her loved ones due to her experiences with OnlyFans. She commented on the gender imbalance in the industry, noting that men predominantly fuel the OnlyFans market by subscribing, sending messages, and sharing photos. However, it is primarily women who face societal shaming and job loss for their involvement.

According to Sarah, she currently finds herself in a challenging situation and warns that individuals who achieve substantial success on OnlyFans are typically existing influencers with significant followings, such as Amouranth.

She lamented, “I got just enough media attention to ruin my life but not enough to help me actually benefit from the situation. You read all of these stories about women making fortunes, but they’re already famous or have a large following on social media.”

Juree also mentioned that the average OnlyFans model earns approximately $150 per month, a figure that barely makes a dent in her income needs, especially given its inconsistent nature. She also created a failed GoFundMe which only reached $145 of the $10000 goal.

The former teacher advises those considering entering the world of OnlyFans to exercise caution and stay in control, as the risks may outweigh the rewards. She emphasized the importance of being aware of the potential consequences and the toll it can take on one’s mental health.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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