The Internet Cannot Believe This TV Cost $5000 Back In The Year 2000

A video from a New Year’s Eve party in the year 2000 has gained significant attention as it showcases a man proudly displaying his pricey $5,000 television.

The late 90s and early 2000s were marked by simpler times when expenses were lower, society was more innocent, the Iraq war hadn’t even started and people were worried about the Milennium bug. Now, imagine the awe a $5,000 television would have inspired during that era.

Not Surprisingly, the TV didn’t look as impressive as one might expect, but the reactions of a group of men at a New Year’s Eve party in their friend’s basement were nothing short of exuberant upon witnessing this technological marvel in action.

The video, shared on NostalgiaFolder on X/Twitter, has gone viral with 4.6 million views. However, Generation Z, also known as zoomers, are utterly perplexed by the technology on display.

In the video, a man guides his friends down to his basement for a special “surprise,” unveiling the large TV positioned beside a CD tray. When pressed for the price he paid for it, with one friend suggesting $10,000, he disclosed that he spent “about half” of that amount. Needless to say, the people viewing the TV for the first time were extremely impressed by the quality and price.

According to information from Outkick, Reddit users were able to identify the TV as likely being a Sony Trintron Wega, which entered the market in 1998 and still commands hundreds of dollars on eBay.

While some viewers speculate that the video might be staged, this hasn’t prevented zoomers and others from expressing amazement at the footage now that it has resurfaced. Some viewers claim that a PS4 can be seen in the living room, which was released in November 2013.

One user fondly reminisced, “Man, I remember my grandma had one of those things; it used to be mind-blowing.”

Another expressed gratitude for the technological advancements of today, stating, “So glad we live in the future.”

Someone else reflected on the rapid evolution of technology, saying, “Aww! It really puts it into perspective, though, how drastically and quickly technology has changed and improved. That was really not all that long ago, all things considered.”

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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