Pokemon Cards Thrown Out Of Moving Vehicle In Bizarre Canadian Police Chase

In Alberta, Canada, authorities arrested a couple of suspected drug dealers following a high-stakes car chase that involved the disposal of stolen Pokemon cards and contraband.

Incidents related to Pokemon cards have unfortunately become increasingly frequent, with reports of card thefts, sometimes even at gunpoint. This particular incident, however, stands out as one of the most extraordinary.

At around 2:30 in the morning on September 5, law enforcement officers noticed a red Mazda SUV operating without its headlights on and subsequently determined that the vehicle had been stolen.

A pursuit ensued, during which the occupants of the vehicle tossed stolen Pokemon cards and illegal substances out of the window, and the chase even came dangerously close to a head-on collision with police officers.

Constable Bonnie Sauve of the Cochrane RCMP explained that officers had to take action due to the stolen vehicle’s reckless driving, which posed a significant risk to the public. She stated, “The vehicle was driving quite dangerously, endangering the public and almost caused a head-on collision with police. The officers were authorized to deploy a tire deflation device.”

Following the deployment of the tire deflation device, the car came to a halt, and one of the individuals inside attempted to flee and resisted arrest but was eventually apprehended.

Simultaneously, the driver made a reckless attempt to evade capture, resembling a real-life Grand Theft Auto scenario. However, the car sustained damage and ultimately crashed into a fence. The driver was soon arrested, and fortunately, no civilians were injured.

Upon searching the vehicle, law enforcement discovered additional drugs and stolen tools. Regarding the Pokemon cards, authorities mentioned that some dealers use them as a form of payment.

The two suspects, both in their 40s, Dereck McInnis and Jason Wilkening, were taken into custody.

McInnis faces charges including possession of property obtained by crime exceeding $5,000, possession for the purpose of trafficking, resisting a police officer, and fleeing from a police officer.

Meanwhile, Wilkening had a Canada-wide warrant against him and is charged with possession of property obtained by crime exceeding $5,000, possession for the purpose of trafficking, and fleeing from a peace officer.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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