Florida Man Captures Huge Iguana With His Bare Hands

It’s not often that you watch a modern human capture an animal with no tools, weapons or nets. However, this Tiktok captured by kendra_theanimallady features a man battle against a gigantic iguana on a tree, grass and water, before finally coming out on top in an impressive display of athleticism and skill.

For those wondering, green iguanas are NOT native to Florida. This species can be captured and humanely killed year-round and without a permit or hunting license on 32 public lands in south Florida, provided that you have the permission of the landowner.

People in parts of South Florida have started cooking iguana meat after the Florida Wildlife Agency encouraged residents to kill green iguanas on their own property. Although this might surprise you, there are several reviews of iguana meat on google who claim that the taste is delicious.


As you can see, the video starts off with the man catching the iguana on a tree and managing to pull it down. This is not particularly impressive, but this is where the action begins.

The iguana manages to scuttle away on the grass and likely thinks it has made its great escape as soon as it gets in the water. Surprisingly, this is where the Florida man has the edge and seems to thrive. It looks as though he has lost the iguana and bobs up and down several times before emerging victorious holding the reptile with both hands.

He finally presents the iguana to his son who seems very happy and curious to touch the invasive reptile.

In terms of response to the video, many TikTok users were confused as to why the man put so much effort in to catching the wild animal. Furthermore, many were worried about his safety when jumping in to the murky water. While alligator attacks are not too common in Florida, surely jumping in to unknown waters would increase your chances of this happening.

Sally Jones

Sally Jones

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