TikToker Gets Nasty Surprise As His 5 Year Old Spends Over $1k On Amazon

A humorous and endearing incident unfolded when a five-year-old incurred a substantial Amazon bill, leaving TikTok users amused by the unintentional shopping spree.

Few things are as amusing as witnessing a toddler accidentally accumulate expenses on Amazon, particularly when the child is not your own.

However, for a TikTok dad residing in Utah, this scenario played out as his five-year-old embarked on a shopping adventure, racking up a bill exceeding $1,500.

Although the boy’s father, Tucker Boham, could have reacted with frustration, he opted to share his pleasantly surprised and entertained response on TikTok.


Has this ever happened to you?! Also I regret not keeping the hot tub every day…

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Viewers of the now-viral video also joined in, spreading laughter and smiles across the TikTok community.

In a delightful turn of events, Boham’s five-year-old son managed to purchase approximately $1,000 worth of toys and a $500 hot tub from Amazon. Boham created an explanatory video on TikTok, unveiling the hilarious sequence of events in which his toddler ordered an array of items through Alexa.

While Boham found amusement in reviewing the two-hour Alexa audio recording of his son’s shopping spree, he also offered a word of advice to fellow TikTok parents, urging them to disable the smart system when leaving children unattended.

Indeed, Boham was faced with a hefty bill to settle, but his son had an absolute blast ordering items like “a lazy river that’s 45 feet around” or a rocket ship claiming to “travel at five trillion miles per hour and ascend five trillion feet into the sky.”

Boham’s toddler even instructed Alexa to add “45 kid spidey walkie-talkies” to the shopping cart, not to mention the request for “122 water slides.”

Those who watched Boham’s TikTok video found the situation highly amusing, with comments reflecting the sentiment, such as, “Lmao, this kid had a blast on Amazon!”

Another viewer shared a similar experience, saying, “My 4-year-old used Alexa in the kitchen to buy a throw pillow that read ‘Liam is kinda a big deal around here.’ Luckily, it was only $12.”

While Boham didn’t provide details about what items were kept or returned, he did express regret for not keeping the hot tub. Despite the costly accidental shopping spree, Boham now has a heartwarming and comical collection of memories to cherish with his son and share a good laugh over.

Sally Jones

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